Truck Diver Drug Alcohol Testing Circumstances

The staff here at Sky Drug Test wants all drivers to be aware of: truck driver drug alcohol testing circumstance.

Currently, drivers are subject to drug testing in these circumstances:

Pre-employment – New CDL drivers must be drug tested with a negative result before an employer can permit them to operate a CMV on a public road. Sky Drug Test will also provide TPA (third party administrator) services to trucking companies.

Post-Accident – CDL drivers must be drug and alcohol tested whenever they are involved in a fatal accident, or receive a traffic citation resulting in an injury or vehicle-disabling accident. Sky Drug Testing will process all post-accident driver testing.

Random Testing – CDL drivers are subject to unannounced random drug testing, even when at home in an off-duty status. Random alcohol testing may only occur when the driver is on-duty or immediately before or after. Once notified to report for random testing, the driver must immediately report to the testing location. A delayed arrival may be considered a refusal, which is equivalent to testing positive. Sky Drug Testing will provide random drug testing selections.

Reasonable Suspicion – DOT-trained supervisors can direct a driver to be drug or alcohol tested whenever he or she exhibit signs of drug or alcohol abuse. Sky Drug Testing provide reaosnable suspicion training via their website:

Return-to-Duty – Return-to-duty tests are required after an employee has completed the “return-to-duty” process, before returning to perform a safety sensitive function (i.e., driving CMVs). As a TPA Sky Drug Test will work with your trucking company to get your driver back to duty.

Follow-Up – Follow-up drug and alcohol tests are required, as prescribed by the substance abuse professional (SAP) who signs the return-to-duty report. They consist of a minimum of at least six unannounced directly observed tests conducted during the first 12 months following the return-to-duty test. The SAP can prescribe follow-up testing for a maximum of five years for drivers who have tested “positive” or “refused to test.” Follow-up testing is in addition to any selections for random testing. As a TPA Sky Drug Test will work with your trucking company to get your driver back to duty.

Here at Sky Drug Testing let’s talk about company goals in drug testing. Because your candidates will drive trucks, using narcotics or alcohol will spell disaster. Because they might be tempted to use illegal drugs, this is why you should absolutely be testing for drug use and alcohol mis-use.

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California Truck Driver Marijuana Law
Even though recreational marijuana is legal in California, employers can still choose to test for it and maintain a drug-free workforce.
However the FMCSA states that marijuana use is illegal at all times.
(Keep in mind, federal law still prohibits marijuana usage, so consume at your own risk.)

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